TERMS & CONDITIONS: No ROR. 15 days warranty.              
        All items located in Tokyo Japan (Exworks Tokyo)              
        Delivery is 10-15 business days from signed Letter of Assurance and/or Statement of Compliance (Yokogawa)            
        Complete JAPANESE standard accessories will be supplied unless noted otherwise.              
        Excellent working & physical condition with calibration prior to shipment (unless noted otherwise).            
        100% PREPAY for all International orders OR if Credit Term has NOT been established with ORIX USA.            
        Availability subject to prior sale. Updated: 4/11/2019            
        Manufacturer Model Option Sale Price            
        ABB IRB 14000 IRB14000 YuMi Collaborative Robot CALL            
        Anritsu ML2437A CALL            
        Anritsu ML2438A CALL            
        Anritsu MN9664A 37(FS-PC)*17 $1,100            
        Anritsu MS2723B 009/019/062/063 CALL            
        Anritsu MS2724B 009,019,PSN50,031,044,045,760-235,MX703700A,BPF1901.2BW31.4M801 CALL            
        Anritsu MT8852B 10 CALL            
        Anritsu MU120118C G0192A CALL            
        Anritsu MU120138A CALL            
        Anritsu OSLN50 CALL            
        Anritsu CMA5000 5610-201-UTA,5610-211-UTA,5610-213-UTA CALL            
        Anritsu MF2414B   CALL            
        Anritsu ML2438A CALL            
        Anritsu MN9672A SM, 1.2 ~1.65um, 2x8 ch, FC, GP-IB, RS232C CALL            
        Anritsu MU120138A CALL            
        Astro Design HR7512C $10,200            
        Bird Model5000-EX 5010B,QC Connector 7/16(f:4240-344)-(m:4240-363),5000-035,QC Connector(4240-363:7/16m,4240-344:7/16f), 5000-035 CALL            
        Chroma 62150H600S A620025, W22-000118, and SAS-SP CALL            
        Fiberpro CFT810 CALL            
        Fluke 87-5/E2 CALL            
        Fluke OPVXG-10G-G CALL            
        Fujikura FSR-02   CALL            
        Hioki 9555 CALL            
        Hioki 9278 CALL            
        Hioki 3193 CALL            
        Hioki 8940 $900            
        Hioki 9277 $800            
        Hioki 9279 $600            
        Hioki 9709 $500            
        Hioki 3168-98 $500            
        Hioki CT6862 $500            
        Hioki MR8902 $1,000            
        Hioki U8793 L9795-01*2 $1,400            
        JDSU(Viavi) CH043112 $30,900            
        JDSU(Viavi) ONT603D 3076/92.62:400G CFP8 Module, 3076/97.30:CFP8 Hardware validation, 3076/97.31:CFP8 Advanced Error Analysis, 3076/97.32:CFP8 Dynamic Skew Generation, 3076/96.43:CFP8 16x25G Electrical Adapter, 3076/97.41:400G Ether net FEC validation CALL            
        JDSU(Viavi) MTS8000V2 Power Supply: 220 W or more, C8300: Dual Module Carrier V 2, E 80 HCASE 1: Hard Case * Separately Module Required CALL            
        JDSU(Viavi) ONT-506 (3062/01) 3061 / 92.50: 100 G Module CFP Slot V 2, 3061 / 92.52: Physical Layer Validation, 3061 / 94.55: 111.8 G OTN Bulk, 3061 / 94.53 : 100 G / 40. OTU 4 with Client, 3061 / 94.51: 40 G Ethernet, 3061 / 94.57: 100 G / 40 G OTU 3 bulk, 3061 / 94.60: 100 G / 40 G OTU 3 with Client via transcoding, 3061 / 94.56: Skew Variation, 3062 / 98.21: Manual for ONT 506 English, 3062 / 92.45: Carr ing Case CALL            
        JDSU(Viavi) ONT-606 (3076/04) 3076 / 92.50: 100G Module with CFP Slot V2, 3076 / 92.52: Physical Layer Validation, 3061 / 94.56: Skew Variation, 3076 / 92.45: Carrying Case, 3061 / 94.55: 111.8 G OTN Bulk 3061 / 94.78: 100 G / 40 G OTN GFP - F up to 100 G CALL            
        Keithley 2306 CALL            
        Keithley 2700 7700 CALL            
        Keithley 2700 7702*2 CALL            
        Keysight 10076B CALL            
        Keysight 16720A Pods (10475A or etc...) are not included. CALL            
        Keysight 16802A 103032 CALL            
        Keysight 16802A 103016500 CALL            
        Keysight 16802A 004/500/B4656A CALL            
        Keysight 1681A OP.ABJ CALL            
        Keysight 34902A CALL            
        Keysight 34904A CALL            
        Keysight 34907A $300            
        Keysight 34908A $300            
        Keysight 37718A 002/012/106/200/601/602/ABJ CALL            
        Keysight 44476A CALL            
        Keysight 6624A   CALL            
        Keysight 66311B 100/0L1 $1,000            
        Keysight 6632B 100 CALL            
        Keysight 6674A 200834 CALL            
        Keysight 773D 101 $1,000            
        Keysight 83620B 001/008 CALL            
        Keysight 8490D 3 $400            
        Keysight 8498A 30 CALL            
        Keysight 8561EC ABJ CALL            
        Keysight 8564E ABJ CALL            
        Keysight 8648C 100000 CALL            
        Keysight 87302C CALL            
        Keysight 8753ES 3G CALL            
        Keysight 8765B 24 CALL            
        Keysight DPO7104C ET3 CALL            
        Keysight DSA90804A 9821805035 CALL            
        Keysight DSA90804A 805/821/003/004/005/009/035 CALL            
        Keysight DSO90604A 803/805/821/20M/005 CALL            
        Keysight E2697A $1,300            
        Keysight E3632A 0E9/ABJ CALL            
        Keysight E4416A E9288A CALL            
        Keysight E4418B ABJ CALL            
        Keysight E4419B , $1,800            
        Keysight E4432B 100000 CALL            
        Keysight E4432B H99/100/UND CALL            
        Keysight E4438C 506, 602, 005, UNB, 400, 401, 403, N7621B-1FP/EFP, N7617B-1FP/EFP/FFP/QFP/RFP, QFP/RFP, and 419, N7624B(1/H/SFP) CALL            
        Keysight E4440A 1DS/219/226 CALL            
        Keysight E4443A 1DS CALL            
        Keysight E4443A 1DS CALL            
        Keysight E4445A 1DS/115/111/B7J CALL            
        Keysight E4446A 115, 111, AYZ, 110, and 219 CALL            
        Keysight E4446A 1DS/215 CALL            
        Keysight E5053A   CALL            
        Keysight E5071C 485/1E5/008/790/810/820 CALL            
        Keysight E5071C 485/1E5/010/008/790/017/810/820 CALL            
        Keysight E5072A 245/1E5/008/019/810/821 CALL            
        Keysight E5072A 245/1E5/019/810/820 CALL            
        Keysight E5091A 9 CALL            
        Keysight E8257D 540/1EU/1E1/007/UNX/UNW CALL            
        Keysight E8257D 550/1EU/1E1/UNX/UNW/007 CALL            
        Keysight E8257D 567/1EU CALL            
        Keysight E8267D 520, 602, 009, 016, UNT, UNW, UNY, 1EH, HCC/H1G, H18, N7620B CALL            
        Keysight E8267D 544/403/009/UNT CALL            
        Keysight M9381A F06/B16/M10/1EA/012
        Keysight MSO6104A 8MH CALL            
        Keysight MSOX3054A   CALL            
        Keysight N1999A 505 CALL            
        Keysight N2782A N2779A CALL            
        Keysight N4001A 100 $1,900            
        Keysight N4431B 105/203/303/403 (AS-IS) CALL            
        Keysight N5172B 503- 653/ 655/ 303/ 403/ 430/ 431/ UNT/ UNV/ UNW/ N7617B-3FP/EFP/FFP/QFP/RFP/ 099 CALL            
        Keysight N5172B 503/ 653/ N7601B-3FP/EFP/QFP//N7600B-3FP/EFP CALL            
        Keysight N5181A 503, 1EA, 1EQ, UNZ, 099 CALL            
        Keysight N5181A 503, UNZ, ABJ CALL            
        Keysight N5181A 503/UNZ CALL            
        Keysight N5181A 503/UNZ/ABA CALL            
        Keysight N5182A 506/654/019/UNV/ABJ/N7601B(3FP/EFP/FFP)/N7624B(3FP/HFP/JFP/SFP/TFP) CALL            
        Keysight N5182A 506, 654, 019, UNV, UNZ, UNT, UNU, 403, N7602B-3FP, N7602B-3FP, N7602B-EFP, N7600B-3FP, N7600B-EFP,N7600B-FFP, N7624B-3FP, N7624B-HFP, N7624B-SFP,N7625B-3FP, N7625B-EFP, N7625B-QFP, ABJ CALL            
        Keysight N5182B 506,UNV,656,430,UNZ,099 CALL            
        Keysight N5230A 225/080 CALL            
        Keysight N5230C 120/010/080 CALL            
        Keysight N8482A 100 CALL            
        Keysight N8973A 1D5 CALL            
        Keysight N8975A 1D5 CALL            
        Keysight N9020A 526, B25, P26, and N9069A-1FP CALL            
        Keysight N9020A 526/ B25/ EA3/ P13/ PFR/ N9071A-2FP/ N9071A-XFP/ N9072A-2FP/ N9073A-1FP/ N9073A-2FP/ N9073A-3FP/ N9076A-1FP/ N9079A-1FP/ N9079A-2FP/ N9080A-1FP/ N9082A-1FP/ MSE CALL            
        Keysight N9020A 526/ B25/ EA3/ P13/ PFR/ N9071A-2FP/XFP/ N9072A-2FP/ N9073A-1FP/2FP/3FP/ N9076A-1FP/ N9079A-1FP/2FP/ N9080A-1FP/ N9082A-1FP/ and MSE CALL            
        Keysight N9020A 526/ B25/PFR/P26/EA3/N9073A-1FP/-2FP/-XFP/N9080A-1FP/ KYB CALL            
        Keysight TDS3032B   CALL            
        Keysight U2741A ACF $600            
        Keysight V281A $1,700            
        Keysight 11852B 401 CALL            
        Keysight 8491B 3 CALL            
        Keysight 86105A 012/201 CALL            
        Keysight 87511A 800 CALL            
        Keysight 8757D 2 CALL            
        Keysight E4419B   CALL            
        Keysight E4428C 503 CALL            
        Keysight E4982A 300/810/820/020/700/710/720 CALL            
        Keysight E5091A 9 CALL            
        Keysight E9301A CALL            
        Keysight N1999A 505 CALL            
        Keysight N2838A CALL            
        Keysight N4010A 102/104 CALL            
        Keysight N4861A 40 CALL            
        Keysight N5182A 503, 1EA, 654, UNV, 1EA, 403, 099, N7600B, N7601B, N7624B, and ABJ CALL            
        Keysight N5426A CALL            
        Keysight N9310A ABJ CALL            
        Keysight P5200A CALL            
        Keysight U4154A 02G,M9502Aホカ CALL            
        Keysight V281A CALL            
        Kikusui 2P03PCR-LA CALL            
        Kikusui EX05PCR-LE CALL            
        Kikusui KFM2151   CALL            
        Kikusui KHA1000 OT01KHA $4,000            
        Kikusui PAK6-60A CALL            
        Kikusui PAS20-18 CALL            
        Kikusui PAS20-36   CALL            
        Kikusui PAS320-1 CALL            
        Kikusui PAS60-18 CALL            
        Kikusui PAS60-6 CALL            
        Kikusui PAT40-200T AC8-4P4M-M6C. CALL            
        Kikusui PAX35-30 CALL            
        Kikusui PFX2011 TL06-PFX CALL            
        Kikusui PFX2021 TL07-PFX*1 $2,000            
        Kikusui PFX2121 $400            
        Kikusui PIA3200 $500            
        Kikusui PLZ2004WB $1,300            
        Kikusui PMM18-2.5DU CALL            
        Kikusui PWX750MLF CALL            
        Kikusui US05PCR-LE CALL            
        Leader Instruments LT436NP CALL            
        Lecroy AP034 $800            
        NF corporation 2721 CALL            
        NF corporation ES2000B   CALL            
        NF corporation ES2000S ES4473 CALL            
        NF corporation ES2000U ES2000P*2ES4473 CALL            
        NF corporation HSA4052 CALL            
        NF Corporation M2177   CALL            
        Rion DA20PA1 CALL            
        Rion PV85   CALL            
        Rion VM82PA1 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz CBT K57 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 check options CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz FSQ8 B72/12,B100, B102,K70, B4, FS-K7 and FSU-B25 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz FSV7 K72/K10/K70. CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A B103/B10/B92/K42/K55/K62 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A B106,B51/04 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A B103/B10/B13T/B14/B20/Z6 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A B106, B206, B10, B13T, B14, B22, B90 CALL            
        Rohde & Schwarz UPV IEC625/IEEE488, RS232C, K4, and Z1MF CALL            
        Spirent Communications SMB600B CALL            
        Spirent Communications XFP4001A   CALL            
        Takasago EX1500H2 CALL            
        Takasago FX060-200   CALL            
        Takasago HX0300-50 CALL            
        Takasago HX060-100M2   CALL            
        Takasago HX060-250 CALL            
        Takasago ZX1600HA   CALL            
        Tektronix AWG5002C 1 CALL            
        Tektronix AWG7122C 01/06/08 CALL            
        Tektronix DPO4AERO $900            
        Tektronix DPO70804C DSAH (ASM, DJA, MTH, ST6G, and PTD), HT3, and ET3. CALL            
        Tektronix DPO7104C ET3 CALL            
        Tektronix DPO7104C CALL            
        Tektronix DPO7354C 10RL CALL            
        Tektronix DSA71254C 20XL CALL            
        Tektronix DSA72004C 20XL CALL            
        Tektronix MDO3EMBD CALL            
        Tektronix MDO4104-3   CALL            
        Tektronix MDO4104-6 CALL            
        Tektronix MSO72004C CALL            
        Tektronix OM4106D CC,EXT,QAM,SWS3 CALL            
        Tektronix P5205 CALL            
        Tektronix P6101B CALL            
        Tektronix P6247 Limited accessories $1,900            
        Tektronix P6418 CALL            
        Tektronix P6434   CALL            
        Tektronix P6810 CALL            
        Tektronix P6860 CALL            
        Tektronix P7313SMA CALL            
        Tektronix P7380A   CALL            
        Tektronix P7506 $4,100            
        Tektronix P7513A   CALL            
        Tektronix P75PDPM $1,900            
        Tektronix RSA306 119-6609-00, 103-0045-00, RSA300CASE CALL            
        Tektronix TAP3500 $3,100            
        Tektronix TCP312 TCPA300 CALL            
        Tektronix TDP1500 CALL            
        Tektronix TDP3500   CALL            
        Tektronix TDS2012C $900            
        Tektronix TDS2022C   CALL            
        Tektronix TDS2024B $1,200            
        Tektronix TDS3052B $3,800            
        Tektronix TDS3BATC TDS3ION $400            
        Tektronix THS3024 CALL            
        Tektronix TLA5204B 8S CALL            
        Tektronix TLA6204 18/1S/45/1P CALL            
        Tektronix TLA7AB4 2S $15,500            
        Tektronix TLA7SA08   CALL            
        Tektronix TMDP0200 (R5) CALL            
        Tektronix TPA-BNC   CALL            
        Tektronix TPS2014B CALL            
        Tektronix WFM8300 WFM7F02/AD/3G/PHY CALL            
        Teledyne Lecroy 882EA CALL            
        Teledyne Lecroy HDO8038   CALL            
        Teledyne Lecroy MDA810 HDO8K-MSO (16ch digital input), PP026-1 (passive probe) 4 additions CALL            
        Trek 610E -F-CE $10,100            
        Viavi MTS8000V2 C8300,ケース $3,100            
        Viavi ONT506 100G,40G,ホカ $51,500            
        Watt system W0033A5 GPS18SG ケーブル5M $600            
        Wine shell 53-10-33 $900            
        Wine shell 53-10-43 $900            
        Yokogawa 3226-10 3227-10 $400            
        Yokogawa 3701-82 -B-0/GP-IB/AK08 $3,100            
        Yokogawa 7016-20 -M/J1/B5/P4/ホカ $1,800            
        Yokogawa 7016-20 (DL1640L) -AC-M-J3/B5/P4, $1,800            
        Yokogawa 7019-34 $400            
        Yokogawa 7019-34 . $400            
        Yokogawa 7515-21 -1-M $1,700            
        Yokogawa DS600 001M/DV200-001 CALL            
        Yokogawa DT200-21 CALL            
        Yokogawa DU100-11 CALL            
        Yokogawa DU200-31   CALL            
        Yokogawa MX110-UNV-H04 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT1806 /-06/B5/G6/DA/AUX/758917x6/758929x2/758923x12 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT1806 -06-M-HE/G5 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3000 04, MV, G6, B5, DT, FQ, DA, V1, C12, C5, C7, 7589174, 7589294, 7589238 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3000 04/ MV/ G6/ B5/ DT/ FQ/ DA/ V1/ C12/ C5/ C7/ 7589174/ 7589294/ 7589238 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3000 (760303 03,SV,G6,B5,DA,C12,C5,C7,CC,FL,7589173,7589293, and 7589236 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3000 (760304) 04-MV-M/G6/B5/DT/FQ/DA/V1/C12/C7/C5 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3000 (760304) 40-MV-M/G6/B5/DT/FQ/DA/C12/C7/C5 CALL            
        Yokogawa WT3004E 2A4-30A0-D/FLホカ $18,400            
        Yokogawa AQ1300 -HJ-M/SPML/BM $7,100            
        Agilent 1200 HPLC Agilent 1200 HPLC
1) G1354A Quaternary Pump
2) G1329A Auto sampler
3) G1330B Cooling module
4) G1316A column compartment
5) G1314B UV-Vis Detector
        Agilent 1200 HPLC Agilent 1200 HPLC
1) G1310A Isocratic Pump
2) G1379A Micro degasser
3) G1329A Auto Sampler
4) G1330B Cooling module
5) G1316A column compartment
6) G1314B UV-Vis Detector
        Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus Gas Chromatograph GC-2010PLUS
1) Main unit GC-2010Plus (FTD,FPD)
2) AOC-20i Auto injector
3) computer & display
        Thermo Scientific ICAP-6300 ICAP-6300 ICP-OES CID Spectrometer system
1) Main unit iCAP6300 Duo view
2) CETAC ASX-260 auto sampler
3) Thermo Flex900 Recirculating chillers
4) Drain filter
5) computer, display and accessories
        Shimadzu ICPE-9000 ICPE-9000 High-frequency plasma emission spectrometer
1) ICPE-9000 main unit
2) ASC-6100F Auto sampler
3) ULVAC GLD-040 Vacuum pump
4) EYELA NCB-1200 constant temperature water bath
5) EYELA CA-1112 cooling water circulator
6) computer , display and accesories
        Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Ultra + AOC-5000 1) GCMS-QP2010Plus main unit CALL            
2) AOC-5000 multi function autosampler
3) computer
        Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Ultra 1) GCMS-QP2010Plus main unit CALL            
2) AOC-20i auto injector
3) AOC-20S auto sampler
4) computer
        Shimadzu TOC-VCPH Total Organic carbon analyzer system CALL            
Config: TOC-VCPH main unit, Auto sampler, ASI-V, computer
        Shimadzu UPLC Prominence Config:Liquid Feeding Unit LC-20AD2, Column Oven CTO-20A,
Auto sampler SIL-30AC, System controller CBM-20A,
Online degasser DGU-20A3, High pressure pass switching Valve
FCV-20AH2, Photodiode array Detector SPD-M20A,
Reservoir trey, Computer
        Waters UPLC (TUV) ACQUITY UPLC(TUV) H-Class System
1) Waters 186015018 Quarternary solvent manager
2) Waters 186015017 Sample manager FTN
3) Waters 186015043 column manager
4) Waters 186015049 column manager aux
5) Waters 186015031 TUV detector
6) trays
* computer NOT included
        Waters XEVO TQ MS Xevo TQMS Full system
Config:Xevo TQ MS, Binary solvent manager, Sample manager, 30cm column heater /cooler, Acquity eλ PDA detector, Nitrogen Gas Generating Device,
SIC 30F, Noise cut trance, Vacuum pump, ESCi probe, APCI probe,
   ASAP probe, Computer ( 2sets ) attached
        Shimadzu Gel Permeation Chromatography Gel Permeation Chromatography CALL            
Liquid Feeding Unit LC-6AD, Column oven CTO-20A,
Auto sampler SIL-10AP, System controller SCL-10AVP,
Online degasser DGU-20A3R, Fraction Collector FRC-10A,
UV-Vis detector SPD-20AV, Sample Cooler L,
Preparative separation set, Reservoir trey, Computer
        Waters Acquity UPLC H Class Config:H-Class Core system CALL            
(Quaternary Solvent Manager, Sample Manager), column Manager (CM-A), 30cm Column Heater/Cooler, PDA Detector * Computer is not attached.
        Waters UPLC (PDA) ACQUITY UPLC (PDA)
1) Waters 186015018 Quaternary Solvent Manager
2) Waters 186015017 Sample Manager - FN
3) Waters 186015043 Column manager
4) Waters 186015032 PDA Detector
5) Waters 186015011 30 cm column heater/cooler
6) Trays
7) Connecting plates to fasten to CHC
        Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph Config:GC main unit G3440A, auto Sampler 7693(Injector G4513A2、
   Sample trey G4154A), FID Detector, NPD Detector,
   S/SL Inlet (x2), Computer
        Shimadzu GC-2010Plus AF Gas Chromatograph GC-2010PLUS AF
1) Shimadzu GC-200 Plus AF main unit
2) Shimadzu AOC-20i Auto injector
3) Shimadzu AOC-20s Auto sampler
4) Fujitsu computer
5) Fujitsu TFT
        Agilent 720 ICP emission spectrometer Config:Main unit 700 Series ICP-OES(G8460A),
   Auto Sampler SPS-3 (G8440A), Cooling water circulation
system CA-1115A, Computer
        Shimadzu IV86355ETL1 Config:Videoscope IPlex FX
Main unit:Model8000-2, Fiber outer diameter:φ4.0mm,
Insertion length:3.5m, Hard case attached
        Shimadzu TOC-LCPH Total Organic carbon analyzer TOC-LCPH
Config:Main unit TOC-LCPH, Auto Sampler ASI-L, Computer
        Waters Ultra Performance LC/MS SQD2 Config:Single Quadruple MS, HPLC pump 515,
Pump control module II, ESI probe, Noise cut trance,
Vacuum pump SV40BI, computerGas Generating Device,
AT10NPCSM5, System fluidics Organizer SFO
        Shimadzu DSC-60 PLUS Config:Differential scanning calorimeters DSC-60PLUS,
Differential thermal / Thermogravimeters Simultaneous
measurement device DTG-60H, Electric Cooling attachment
TAC-60I, Atomosphere conditioning chambers FC-60A,
Intra-cooler EK90-SH, computer
        Agilent G1314B UV-Vis detector UV-Vis Detector G1314B CALL            
        Waters Acquity UPLC PDA Detector PDA unit CALL            
        Shimadzu RF-20AXS Fluorescence detector RF-20AXS CALL