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ORIX Rentec Corporation has successfully developed an outstanding reputation as a leader in the equipment rental business, not only in Japan, but around the world since 1976. Our success can be attributed to our reliable employees, professional services, excellent inventory management, high quality assurance standards and on-time delivery.
Our rental inventory ranges from Test Equipments, Chemical Analytical Equipments, IT Products & Computers.

Used Equipment Sales

We sell large volumes of current, discontinued and under-utilized computer and test equipment rental assets each month. Customers purchasing these rental assets achieve huge costs savings and reduce capital expenditures. Direct access to the industry’s largest equipment inventory maximizes selection and buying potential.

Computer Sales

ORIX Rentec Corporation has formed a strong partnership with HP Japan, and is their authorized deales for sales in Japan.  We provide high quality, prompt solutions based on the management tasks and needs of our customers, merging HP Japan's product capabilities with our infrastracture creation technology.

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to deliver the best quality equipment and services to our customers. We follow our Quality Control Manual, which explains rules, standards and procedures of each specific task. The reference standards of our Standard Laboratory keeps up with International and Japanese national standards. Our laboratory also conducts periodic calibration of the internal standards and reviews the education programs for calibration, which are also based on such reference standards.

globe ORIX Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Test and Measurement Equipment, Information Services and Technical Services to its customers. A full spectrum of professional services are continuously evolving to support changing technologies. We strengthen the competitive position of our customers.

ORIX Photos

ORIX Rentec Corporation is the world's largest test and measurement equipment rental company. Our inventory is stocked with the most technologically advanced rental equipment on the market, and we boast the widest selection of models and manufacturers in the industry. Major companies and businesses have greatly benefited from our complete line of products and services.

ORIX Rentec Corporation extends its professional services worldwide through our network of overseas offices. Numerous international projects have utilized our services to launch satellites, install fiber optic lines, construct mobile base stations and configure data centers.

ORIX Rentec Corporation's quality assurance systems conform to the strictest international standards. 

globe Our Products

Our inventory consists of state-of-the-art equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. Customer demands are constantly changing, requiring continuous review of our inventory resulting in acquisitions of new equipment and replacement of older models. We purchase new equipment of over 10,000 units monthly, keeping our inventory current and up-to-date.

ORIX Rentec Corporation provides the required number of units and the latest devices in a timely manner as needed with a rental lineup of over 30,000 equipment types and 500,000 units.

Electronic Measuring Instruments

ORIX - Oscillscope Our know-how, borne through many years of experience, is in demand when it comes to our electronic measuring instruments.  We provide high reliability, high quality measuring instruments based on customer needs through our dependable technological capabilities cultivated as a pioneer of rental measuring instruments.

pc Computers

We offer a vast array of products from high operability client machines to high performance servers, peripheral devices and network equipments.  State-of-the-art products can be utilized right to the number of units required in line with customer requirements.


Scientific & Environmental Analytical Equipment

The science and environmental field is a vital area that is part of our future age. Wth further complexity and research where growth is being shown, analytical devices that have more precise control capabilities are essential.  ORIX Rentec Corporation provides rental services with high precision devices that offer full control, responding accurately to the critical demands of our customers.

Logic Developed Devices

With the trend toward MPUs and other miniaturization of a full range of device components has come the need for more accurate testing equipment and testing.  We offer a full array of products in a timely manner and a reasonable price, pinpointing our response to customer needs.